Dallas Is A Beast!

One thing that Dallas has proven OVER AND OVER is his consistency in being the best.  He puts 100+% into everything he does, even though his 80% is better than most peoples 100%.  Reflecting back on all of his stats through-out his playing time and film, he dominates the field at every position he has played.  In my years of coaching, I have come to know from experience that the players with experience in multiple positions are always my top players.  

He has received awards such as 2011 Rushing & Scoring Champion for the RMFL Semi-Pro. Male Athlete of The Year, All State Running Back, holds the Record for the 400 in Track, 2nd in State for Javelin, Utah State Record: 41 carries in a single game & the Mr. Hustle award just to name a few.  

Watching Dallas play and train has opened my eyes to the type of person he is.  He is the guy that is first to practice and last to leave.  He is the guy that asks what he can do more than what is already asked of him.  He is the guy that helps others progress along with him.  He is the guy that gets in, get the job done, and gets out.  He is the guy that, even though he is already the best of the best, is humble enough to listen and learn. There is a reason that every time Dallas steps onto the field something magic happens... Dallas Irvin is one of a kind.