Esks Workout:

CFL- Better Watch Out!!

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April 15, 2012
Edmonton Eskimos Workout:

Dallas Attended a workout for the Edmonton Eskimos on April 14, 2012 in Anaheim, CA.  He was one of less than ten running backs and over sixty athletes.  The tryout was well organized but Dallas quickly realized that the Esks were not on the hunt for a running back.  It was obvious they were scouting for a wide receiver and being that there was about 40 wide receivers trying out he was not the center of attention.  

When the head coaches timed Dallas in the 40 yard dash and saw his cone work times, they wanted to see more.  They asked him if he had ever played any other positions and if he could play wide receiver.  Dallas has a lot of experience and was ready to show them his value.  Dallas's times on his cone work & drills were top notch which would excite any coach looking for a Reggie Bush style player that is versatile and can adjust in any situation bringing the team out on top. 

The last workout for the athletes was receiver routes.  Dallas hung with the best of them and by the end, 8 players were selected (including Dallas) to stay and do more focused receiving routes for the coaches.    Wide receiver is a great position for a guy like Dallas because he is fast, knowledgeable and has lightning fast reaction speed. Esks would be smart to have a player like Dallas as an addition to their team.

Dallas has decided to jump in with the 2012 Dixie Rebels mid-season, but this time as a Slot Receiver to show interested teams his versatility.  He has dominated the field for the Rebels since he started playing as you can see in the videos posted after each game above.