The Glow Of The Shoot...

One of my good friends Tammi Swanson (photographer/business owner) works with the Elan Magazine Editor and Founder Darci Hansen.  We have been working on an article about the local MMA Crown Fighting Championships for the Men's Issue coming out in early January 2012.  This morning we met 2 fighters and the founders of the CFC (Scott Ford & Aaron Reis) at Reis's Fusion MMA Gym to do a photoshoot for the Article.  The fighters were spray tanned and dusted with a era decent  powder that gave them an unmasculine feeling but a very defined masculine look for the shoot.

Dallas was also shot by Tammi to get some good pictures of him to submit with his Combine Player Profile.  He is a natural in  front of the camera.  It was amazing to watch him and to see the photos Tammi captured of Dallas, they were incredible!  This is just a "sneak peek" photo I took with my phone.

Tammi Shooting Dallas