The Story...

Dallas is a natural born athlete not only with talent but with desire. His senior year in high school, He had many universities wanting him to play for them but he chose to play for his hometown Dixie College. No further football carreer followed. Not because he wasn't good enough... but the team he played with didn't allow him to get the recognition he deserved.

While we were dating he managed to show me all of his many football highlight videos from high school and college. (I was obviously impressed) No joke, I thought they were his personal highlight videos because 90% of the film was "Dallas Irvin" on the carry.... He was a star. (they were team highlights from the year)

We got married January 1, 2011. Dallas took on a huge role of being a father to my 3 kids and was focused on that and that only. My son, Diego, needed some training at the track for the Hershey Track Meet coming up. After Diego's football practice, Dallas, being a current record holder in Track at Dixie High, took Diego to the Dixie High School Field to give him some pointers. When we walked into the stadium there was the Dixie Rebels Semi Pro Football team having practice. Dallas had played with a few of the guys in college and so they knew him. They immediately said "Dallas!!! We need you, Come play with us!". Dallas wasn't really sure if it was even an option for him especially since he hadn't played for 2 years and now had a family to take care of. But we all wanted him to do what he loved and encouraged him to do it too. He agreed to play.

By game #1 Dallas had already set records for the RMFL and was loving every minute of it. Its like he had never stopped playing. The games were exciting, the newspaper write ups were amazing, his rushing on the field was a crowd drawer.

Dallas was blessed with an amazing body. I remember telling Dallas that there has to be "something you should be doing with your body, Heavenly Father doesn't just give a gift as amazing as that and not expect you to use it." So when he started playing football with the Rebels it just made sense.

At the end of the season, Dallas was the Rushing Champion (rushing for over 1200 yards) and the Touchdown Champion (15 touchdowns) of the RMFL in 2011.

Since the End of the 2011 RMFL season and realizing the God sent talent given to Dallas, he has taken up a new lifestyle of hard work and dedication. This opportunity has come only from the support of many people around him supporting the "journey". Training 2-3 times a day... including Field, Gym and Agility training. The diet & dedication is that of a Olympian, and the result is DALLAS IRVIN!

Stay tuned, this is his journey....