If your nutritionalist/personal trainer told you to eat 7 meals a day....

Dallas eats high protein and carefully counted out carbs for 7 meals a day.  ZERO SUGAR.  No candy. no treats. nothing.  It's full time employment to eat 7 healthy meals a day. Grocery shopping takes longer, preparing the meals take longer, and eating takes longer.  Then after 6 weeks of this healthy dedication...SUGAR DAY ARRIVES.  We carefully but not limiting any fat or sugar filled the cart.  If you see anything in the cart that is healthy...it isn't for Dallas to eat on his Sugar Day...Sugar Day is ONLY SUGAR.

Why a Sugar Day?

Our bodies get used to eating "healthy" and doing the workouts performed routinely, basically plateauing and holding your body back from getting bigger, faster, stronger.  Hence the sugar day.  To learn more about The Sugar Day Contact Jeff Schuman creator of the Titan 1000 Challenge, Personal trainer.