1000 LB Challenge

Today Dallas completed the 1000 LB Challenge.

WATCH THE VIDEO click here

Squat 495
Dead lift 405
Bench 245
TOTAL = 1145

The 1000 LB Challenge has been around for a long time.  It is when a person does a Squat, Dead Lift & Bench Press totaling 1000 lbs or higher when combining all three exercises.

Dallas is on a very strict diet and workout regimen that I will write about soon.  The cool thing about Dallas is that he has NOT taken any hormones or steroids to help him accomplish his goals.  Everything he is doing is ALL NATURAL.  He is very strict with his diet and workouts insomuch that he is ready for his SUGAR DAY which will shock his system and take him to the next level.  His next 1000 LB challenge will be fun to see the difference in weight. 

SUGAR DAY is coming soon check back!!!!  

SUNDAY November, 20, 2011